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Sponsor to Become a Character!

Haven’t you ALWAYS wanted to be in a novel?



Well, now is your chance!

If you make a donation – to support adult literacy – I will name a character in my next novel after YOU.

That’s right… go to my donor page… make a donation and I will name a character in an actual book, after YOU!





  • Have you ever stopped me during a meeting, a lunch or while I was shopping in the grocery store to ask about your dog’s lump?
  • Have you sent me pictures of your kitten’s butt… trying to decide his or her sex?
  • Have you given my contact information to your friend/sister/mother/cousin-twice removed knowing full well they were going to call me on a Sunday night to ask me about their itching dog?
  • Have you called and played me a recording of your cat hacking up a fur ball?
  • Have you sent me a picture of your pet bleeding in some way?
  • Have you dropped by on a Saturday night to ask for help removing a tick from your dog?
  • Have you asked me to bring home medication or food or your pet from my office?
  • Have you Facebooked? Emailed? Carrier Pigeon-ed with some question about your pet during non-business hours???

Well, now is your time to say, ‘THANK YOU, VET DONNA’ and support a cause that I am passionate about.

(Please note… this is ALL IN FUN. I love you and your pets… but I’m not below using guilt to encourage you to make a donation.)

Remember… I will name a character after YOU!



Before you panic, I will not roast you and most likely the character you are named after will have very litter resemblance to you… unless you have been terrible to me, then, you might find yourself in literature as a dung-beetle.


In July, I shall once again be participating in the Muskoka Novel Marathon to raise money for the YMCA Adult Literacy program.

For 72 intense hours, I will be torturing my characters, tossing them into trauma and discord… to see how they cope. I will sit on my bum till it tingles with sleep, overdosing on coffee and writing till my fingers cramp.

I’m researching and plotting conflict and humour…. now all I need are NAMES.

So PLEASE… sponsor me… so I can finally name my characters!

Thank you for your support.

You can contact me directly or support through this website.


Donna  (again… I love your pets and all your questions!)

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