Writer's Life

Let Me Smack One On You!

In the spring of this year, I sent out a request for sponsorship for The Muskoka Novel Marathon, a writing marathon to raise money for adult literacy.


And you – my family, friends and animal lovers, came through with incredible support…

and I reached my fundraising goal and beyond.


On Friday, July 13th of this past summer, I started writing at 8pm and wrote through to 8pm on Monday night. I slept a little, ate very well (thanks to the amazing marathon kitchen crew) and dreamed up a new character to star in my contemporary fantasy novel.


On September 28th, I will be travelling back up to Huntsville with my daughter to attend the Muskoka Novel Marathon Wrap up.

In a blink, two months have flown by and I have failed to post this formal thank you.

That’s right. Thank you.

Your support of adult literacy and my writing aspirations is, well… come a little closer so I can lay a big ol’ wet one on you!



Firstly, I couldn’t be who I am today, an animal doctor, without my ability to read the text books at school and further, without my ability to read fiction, I don’t think I would have made it through University.

Throughout my schooling, it was my ability to get lost in other worlds, to live in the stories told by creative authors that helped me to relax, escape and persevere through the challenges.






Next, thank you for your support of adult literacy. Your donation has gone towards programming to help others learn to read and write—something many of us take completely for granted.


Furthermore, my ability to write, to squirrel away time for myself, to share in the craft of writing with other like-minded individuals, has helped to offer much needed stress relief and balance in my life.



Thank you for your donation.


Do you remember what I promised?

If you sponsored, I would find a way to work your name into my writing.

Well, I started writing a new novel and you’re in it!

I look forward to sharing my story with you and hope you have fun finding your name…


but first I have to finish it.   Love Donna