5 Steps to Improve Your Writing – Focusing on Repetition

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5 Steps to Improve Your Writing – Focusing on Repetition

I’ve noted the theme of REPETITION in my writing.

At times, I engage with it deliberately for impact.

At others, I’m unaware of my REPETITIONS.

Regardless, REPETITION should always be used on purpose – even if only for humour.

To find out more about how to improve your writing by finding and making choices about the repetition in your writing, head on over to Ascribe Writers where I am a guest blogger.



The art of writing isn’t just about art. It’s also about skill. Sure, perhaps you have been inspired to share your stories and get a novel published, but there is a big difference between jotting down a few journal entries and being sufficiently accomplished and persistent enough to get published.

Published authors have worked incredibly hard to hone their craft. Acquiring the competences needed to draft a novel that readers can’t put down, sparking imaginations and poking dusty hearts, is much more than an overnight trick.

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing – A Focus on Repetition


Announcing the WINNERS!

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Announcing the WINNERS!

Winner Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I’M A WINNER and I’m announcing THE WINNERS to my contest, so read on.

Thank you for sponsoring my participation in the 2022 Muskoka Novel Marathon. Your overwhelming support helped me to raise much needed funds for adult literacy programs. Thanks to you, I was honoured with the Remington Award (for the writer who raises the most funds) by raising raising $1,270 from 27 donors.

I’m also thrilled to announce my novel writing creation won an Honourable Mention in the Best Novel-Adult Category. If you would like to know more about my novel writing experience, head over to my Ascribe blog. Here’s a small taste of what my latest manuscript is all about…


Further to raising funds to support important work in adult literacy, I’m pleased to announce that I wrote over 70 pages (that’s about 17,000 words) over the marathon and I can’t wait to get back at it!

Okay. Now for the fun part… my contest winners!

For every $10 donation to support adult literacy, your name was added to TWO separate draws. You should have seen me with all these snippets of paper, with doodled names, stuffed into jars! What a great procrastination project!

There are THREE WINNERS from the first draw. I’ll provide the winner with a character sketch and they will pick the name of a major character for my new novel.


And for the final draw, and the winner of a dozen Cupcakes By Hope…. the winner is…


Thank you once again for your support.

I will be reaching out to the winners shortly to finalize the details.