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Lambert the Lamb

When a stone get’s lodged in the most unforgiving place, Seanna must be bold enough to provide the necessary treatment. Can her shaking hand perform while her audience is joking in the background?This adventure unfolds in Unknown Prognosis, the final novel in a trilogy about Seanna and her adventures to find her place of belonging.

Seanna knew they’d arrived at the right pen because the wether in need of attention was obvious. The male neutered sheep was hunched and panting. Compared to the other sheep in the barn who were relaxed and chewing hay, Lambert looked as though he’d just completed an iron man, his head hung, mouth agape, breathing heavy. His hay was untouched and although he was in a separate pen and couldn’t be close to his buddies, he was in the furthest corner away from the other sheep in the barn.

“How long’s he been like this?”

“We noticed he was off a couple of days ago, but he was still eating. We booked the appointment yesterday. He’s only really looked this bad since lunch.”

Seanna opened her kit in the hall, having learned that no matter how sick, it was always a mistake to open your kit where an animal could kick it over. She checked to make sure her things were out of reach for any of the other sheep, stuffed her thermometer in her breast pocket and looped her stethoscope around her neck.

For more, you will need to wait until it is published…


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